Full Futon Mattress

Futon Mattress Slipping?

There is one product that totally eliminates the need to ever touch your mattress again (*except to flip it) its called the Futon Mattress Strap. The Futon Mattress Strap is an easy inexpensive solution to your problem.  The Futon Mattress Strap is made of 1 inch rugged nylon webbing and durable plastic buckles.

You will love how the Futon Mattress Strap tucks neatly in the crease of your mattress, you never see it and it keeps your  futon and home looking great.  The Futon Mattress Strap installs across the length of the Full Futon Mattress - you can install it in about 10 minutes and your mattress is secured in place.

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*Manufacturers recommend that you turn your futon mattress over regularly - now you can and the Futon Mattress Strap will hold it in place!